Daily Divination – Monday, February 17, 2020 – Clean It Up – The Wisdom of the Oracle


OK, everyone… it is time to clean it up! Just as the astrological forecast demands of us from this past weekend:

“if you do not have your house in order, you will be made to get it together, the content, the people, the day to day operation.”

This card is another gentle reminder to look at your life… it is time to get rid of all the physical clutter, mental clutter, emotional clutter, and spiritual clutter. I say again… RELEASE ALL THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU!

“Now is the time to free yourself by energetically cleaning house. Just do it! Make room for the miracles that are lining up for you.”


This week’s deck is the Wisdom of the Oracle Cards (affiliate link) by Collette Baron-Reid.

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