Tarot Card Reading: Thursday January 30, 2020

In general, this card signifies a desire to achieve balance, calmness and harmony in life. Unpleasant situations have the chance to be completely forgotten about. This card is also often a reminder to reflect on one’s current life and draw conclusions about it.

– peace and quiet
– harmony, order
– a sense of security
– stability
– openness to connecting with new people
– the freedom and lightness of life
– recuperation
– confidence
– compromise
– balance
– forgiveness
– approval
– relaxation

– a greater openness to people
– emotional stability
– agreement with the partner and agreement in the relationship
– developing good emotions

Finance and work:
– greater communication at work
– solving financial and professional problems
– financial stability
– a certain position at work

Description of the person:
– good-natured
– modest
– thoughtful
– calm
– cheerful
– gentle
– empathetic
– trustworthy

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