The Lightworker Oracle – Choose a Card and see the message you must hear /February/

The crystals that came to play wiggled and woggled and jumped out as did the lavender (interesting). We have Morganite – It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit, as if a burden has been lifted, Blue Apatite – increase your appetite for life, Kyanite – by clearing the energy blocks clogging your fifth chakra, blue kyanite permits a better flow of energy to assist in self-expression and communication. The wand at the top is Selenite which cleanses and amplifies.


Just as nature imbues the butterfly with an innate ability for radical transformation, so too do you have natural instincts within, guiding you to grow in dramatic, utterly life-changing ways. Progress is your perfection. Growth is your attainment. Do you shun what you have been or mistakes you have made? Or instead, do you wear your ability for transformation as a sacred crown of power?

Transformation is an ability, an art, a sacred power. It requires an ability to go through the death of an old self, to be reborn again. That death might be an identity, a lifestyle or career, or an inner sense of self that no longer seems enough to truly reflect who you are becoming.

It requires both strength and flexibility, to be like bamboo, to bend without breaking. Are you willing to let go of what you have known, who you have been, without judging it, except to understand that you are outgrowing your past and becoming your future in this very moment? This takes great courage whilst flexibility of mind allows you to believe there are other possibilities in this life beyond what you have already experienced. The strength gives you enough courage to bear the loss of the known and the terror of the unknown, perhaps even turning that terror into excitement for what may be.

Don’t dream small dreams, for you are capable of far more dramatic and colourful creations. Trust in the magnificence of what you are becoming, the expression of the transformational intelligence and power within you.


Cunningly clever am I, helping you discern the truth from the lie. I remind you that half truths may seem to be whole, yet in the shadows is information yet to be known. When the time is right, the light shall be bright, and confusion will give way to understanding.

You are being invited to be patient. This is a cautionary card, not to inspire concern, but rather to inspire curiosity. There is more to a situation, person, opportunity, or even an apparent absence of activity or success, than meets the eye. You could imagine it being like the universe has another card up its sleeve and is yet to show its full hand. A process has been set in motion but is “under the radar” of your awareness. Something is happening, even if that doesn’t appear to be the case. But just like a seed starts to grow into a plant, deep in the earth, apparently invisible and yet very real, you are being subjected to invisible but real forces of growth and healing at this time.

Because you cannot know what you don’t know, you will need to wait for more information to come to you. So if what you see, sense or feel is negative right now, don’t believe it! Things are going to shift and change and there will be a surprising twist in your life. Though you don’t see it coming, another piece of your life puzzle is going to reveal itself soon. It will help solve a difficulty or question you have been holding in your heart.


Something that has been troubling you, something dark within you or in your life, is about to become something else. You won’t see it coming, but when the time is right (and it soon will be), out of darkness will come new life. A seed of new life is growing. Perhaps you cannot see it or feel it because the seed begins its journey to new life in the darkness, hidden, away from sight and away from light. This seed is destined to bring new life to a situation that might seem to be dying, a fresh perspective to a stale problem.

When the time is right – and that is fast approaching – the seed will push through, rise up and reveal itself. It will no longer be just a seed, but a shoot that will grow into a plant and can then flower and bear fruit. It is not a question of whether or not it is going to happen. It is going to happen. It is just a matter of time. Whatever struggle or challenge is in your life or your heart right now, trust that it is going to work out. Not only that, but the very thing that seems to be darkest in your life, the most troublesome, is actually going to be what brings forth a beautiful gift of new life.

In a strange way, it is actually trying to help you. It is assisting you in being ready to receive and experience new life, for something new to be born in you and in your life. This might be the realisation of your own inner strength, your courage, the development of belief in yourself, confidence to trust your instincts or some other gift yet to be understood.

In time, you’ll see that those gifts – developed in order to get through the darkness – helped you step out of the darkness and into a whole new life. Soon you’ll see there was an opportunity and even a blessing hiding in the troubles of your past, just waiting for the right time to transform itself into light and life.

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