Top 10 Most Dangerous Waters In The World

10. The Drake Passage in the US

This body of water, which is the route people took when traveling from the east to the west coast before the Panama Canal was constructed, is where the Atlantic meets the Pacific. Known for its unpredictable weather conditions, hurricanes here can reach 12 on the scale.

9. The Rivers of Johannesburg in South Africa

This series of rivers is the primary location in the world where you will come across the E. coli bacteria. It is said that there are more than 240 times more bacteria here than what is normally regarded as healthy for the human body.

8. Rio Tinto in Spain

Despite being small, this river is very dangerous, that a first glimpse of it will instantly cause you to think that there is something really not right with it. Contaminated with dissolved iron from years of mining activities, the water here will be too acidic for humans.

7. Potomac River along the Mid-Atlantic Coast of the US

While this river is famous for kayaking, it is not for what you most likely believe, as it is actually a place where numerous horrible deaths occurred. Its strongest currents are invisible underwater, which makes it even more dangerous and deadly.

6. Citarum River in Indonesia

Located east of Jakarta, this river flows from the mountains to the Java Sea, moving vast amounts of garbage. It has become one of the world’s most polluted rivers, as millions of people and hundreds of factories dump their waste into it, making it deadly with waste and chemicals.

5. The Strid in England

The little river known as the Wharfe appears to be pleasant, with narrow streams surrounded by moss-covered rocks. Despite its beauty, its section known as the Strid is extremely dangerous, with very deep waters and strong currents, having a 100% fatality rate for a person who falls into it.

4. The Amazon River in Brazil

Unsurprisingly, this famous river in South America is considered as one of the most dangerous waters in the world. Aside from the anacondas, piranhas, electric eels and flesh eating bacteria, there is also the small candiru fish, which would swim into your orifices and eat away.

3. Fukushima in Japan

If you wish to go fishing or swimming off the coast of Japan, make sure you avoid this location. It is here where the coastal Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant melted down in 2011 after being hit by a massive tsunami. Radioactive water is reported to continue up to this day.

2. Lake Karachay in Russia

This lake was made very dangerous with the waste from the Mayak nuclear production facility, which worked with radioactive materials throughout the Cold War era. The lake has become so radioactive that any person would be killed by just standing near its premises for 60 minutes.

1. Boiling Lake in Dominica

As the name suggests, this is a boiling lake where the water is hot enough (about 197 degrees Fahrenheit) to peel the skin from your body. And, remember that these temperatures are just those recorded near its edges, which means that those in the middle could definitely be worse.

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