You May Have Met Someone from a Previous Lifetime If You Notice These 5 Signs

There comes a point in life when you meet someone for the first time but you feel an immediate connection.

The facades of pretense fade away in front of that person. You can be yourself. You feel safe and comfortable. So much so that you know that the person will accept and be with you through thick and thin. But the best part is that you connect well with so much ease. Well the best explanation for this is that you guys have probably met before. In your previous life.

If this makes you thinking, then here are 5 signs you can ponder upon and know if that person is someone you know from your previous life.

You “click” instantly

Everything comes naturally. The bonding is so immediate that you can talk about anything and everything. The level of comfortability is top notch. But the best thing is that the conversations are effortless and you are never bored.

Time means nothing

Einstein said it rightly, while explaining Relativity, how time flies when you are with the one you love. The same goes with this special partner of yours. You lose track of time and hours of togetherness feel like moments. Even when you don’t meet for a period of time, things remain the same and you pick up from exactly where you left.

You feel at home when you look in their eyes

The masks that people wear everyday, fade away in front of this person. You are in no fear of being judged. You feel such a profound connection that just by looking at his/her eyes, you feel as if you are are introspecting. Looking at your own soul.

You experience deja-vu when you meet

If you are experiencing deja-vu and you feel that certain events or situations are repeating themselves, then don’t feel weird out. The chances are that you have actually experienced those moments in your previous life with this special partner of yours.

You have an immediate positive or negative response

If things go great, then you’d feel a positive connection with this person and you guys should stick together. But if you find a huge sense of negativity, and feel like moving away, then be careful and trust your intuition. Maybe in your previous life, this person has hurt you or caused you misery. So, be careful.

Let’s hope for happy times. Peace!



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